share trip to Abu Simbel - 1 Day


Take the chance and visit Aswan which was known the land of gold as it was a big treasure for the kings of Nubia and Visit Aswan to enjoy its admirable heritage on one day trip on which you can visit Abu Simbel Temple.


  • Visiting abu simbel temple.
  • taking beautiful pictures.

Full description:

In the morning, you will go with our delegate  to visit Abu Simbel temple which is considered the most wonderful and beautiful temple which were erected at the age of king Ramses II,Their purpose was to enhance the Egyptian religion in the area and king Ramses being proud of himself,The guide will explain the temple in detail from inside In an interesting way, You can take beautiful pictures,Then you will go back to the hotel.

About this activity

Duration :  Nine hours  .         

The bill : stamped by the company.

Reception service: from and to the hotel.


  • transport from and to the the sights.
  • in a conditioned car.
  • Reception and travel .
  • Taxes .

Not Includes:

  • The fees of entering all the tourist sites.
  • Any extra visit not found in the program.

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Price From USD 35 USD $ 25/person
Total $ 25 USD
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